Colors, Colors, Everywhere

18 bold colors mix and match for every season and for every team

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    Cherry Pop

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    Hot Fudge

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    Jet Black

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    Lemon Drop

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    Orange Crush

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    Sea Green

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    Sky Blue

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    Snow White

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Shop for oly*fun now. Mix and match from 18 colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly IS oly*fun?

oly*fun is a specially engineered material that features some of the best things about fabrics AND papers.

How do I sew it?

Very easily! There is no grain to oly*fun, so you can cut it any which way you want. There is no need to pre-wash, as there is no sizing or shrinkage. Use a simple stitch to attach pieces together, and hem only if you want. oly*fun will not fray.

Do I need to pre-wash it?

There is no sizing in oly*fun, so there is no need to prewash.

When it needs cleaning, how should I wash it?

It's best to wash on gentle cycle and air dry.

Can I iron it?

Yes, but carefully. Use only a cool or low iron with a pressing cloth.

Can I use it outside?

Absolutely! oly*fun is weather resistant –so water rolls right off.

Can I glue it?

Yes! oly*fun glues best with fabric glue such as FabricTac or Aleene's Tacky Glue. A hot glue gun works great too. It's best to test the glues before kicking off a big project.

Can I diecut it?

Yes! oly*fun runs through any pressure style diecutters like Sizzix, or Accu-cut. It will work with a digital diecutter if a stabilizer is used.

What other ways can I cut it?

Use scissors, rotary cutters or paper cutters with a rotary style blade. It's best to test before kicking off a big project.

Is it flammable?

No. oly*fun is not flammable, it will melt if exposed to flame.

How is oly*fun sold?

oly*fun is sold on bolts and in quick grab and go packages. The bolted material is 60 inches wide and can be cut to whatever length you like. The grab and go package is 20 inches wide and includes 3 yards of material.

How many colors does it come in?

oly*fun comes in a rainbow of 18 vibrant solid colors.

Where can I get oly*fun?

oly*fun is available at retailers nationwide and online. Ask at your favorite store.

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